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The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."

Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Diggory, who represented Hogwarts in the most recent Triwizard Tournament.


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i am attracted to all versions of chris evans but i cannot decide which one is hotter??? he’s just so good looking??

closely shaved head and dark bearded evans?? extremely cleanshaven blonde steve rogers evans?? young and freckly evans? scruff with hipster glasses evans??? normal brown hair and full beard evans?? 

look i’m having a chrisis 








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"You always were."


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A messed up #86 from the Fallen Zepher Palette

I always remember that Steve was the first one to pick DJ up, the first human to human contact that DJ had, because Tony was still in a state of “WTF WHY IS THAT HERE DON’T TOUCH IT IT MIGHT BE DANGEROUS OH GOD WHAT DO I DO HERE?” and Steve’s immediate response was, ‘crying kid = pick him up.’

I think DJ remembers that.  That in that moment of fear and uncertainty, when he didn’t know who he was and he was absolutely getting assaulted with sensory information that he had no way to process, Steve picked him up and wrapped him in a blanket and held him until he stopped crying.

I can’t tell you how cute she looks when she’s sitting in her little chair and it’s wintertime and she’s got on, like … her little hat. She looks like she went on winter break to Hunter Mountain or something like that with her girlfriends. I think of her that way. She’s still a college girl to me.

Happy Anniversary, Robert and Susan Downey! (August 27th, 2005)